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"You will discover that Finding Contentment will be your guide through your journey of grief. By reading and working with author Victoria D Schmidts recommendations and exercises you will come to know that you are not alone.​

Dominick L. Flarey, Ph.D, FACHE

I have read a number of books on grief since my husband passed away and some have been helpful, but this book answered so many questions I have had. It is very detailed and offers so many suggestions! I bought the Kindle version and downloaded it and started reading and couldn't put it down! If you are going to read one book on helping you with your grief, this would be the one I would highly recommend! I know I will be reading it again and again!

Amazon Review

I found this book was not only on how to handle grief, but a reference manual for anyone wanting to stay happy. Cleverly and clearly worded, written by a woman for women, this warm book is engaging and an interesting read. Victoria has a remarkable way of allowing the reader to relax and feel the contentment she wishes to convey.
She peaks the readers interest by including  stories of her personal explorations after the end of her 58 year marriage. I also found the chapter on finance a great help, as its a subject that we need to address if we are to go on alone. She provides tools and ideas to use plus hope, and a feeling we are not alone after all. Good book!

Amazon Review

I'm very excited about Victoria's 95 Secrets. As a practicing chiropractor for over 35 years our focus has been to help people in mind body and spirit. Victoria's 95 Secrets is a must read for anyone seeking self improvement not only physically but emotionally as well. Author Victoria D. Schmidt shares her wisdom in an insightful and motivational way. Practical application abounds throughout, and you will benefit immediately. These positive and constructive words will resonate with your inner self. Let Victoria's take on life guide and fuel you on your Journey! I endorse and support the valuable concepts but forth in this book. Enjoy!

Dr. John G. Murray

Finding Solitary Contentment

95 Secrets

It is always a pleasure to see individuals thriving into their 80's, 90's and beyond. Author Victoria D Schmidt is an inspiring example of a long-lived individual who has stayed healthy and fulfilled throughout her life. In her book, she offers her "secrets" on how she continues to live a rewarding long life..

Dr. Howard S. Friedman

Distinguished Professor. University of California Riverside